Macario retrò drink

Lemonade, Classic soda, Red orange soda, Dark Citrus soda,
Tonic water, Lemon Tea, Mint tea, Peach tea.
Made in Italy soft drinks.

A genuine italian story

It was the 50s.
During summer afternoons, at the Macarios, grandma Vittoria created refreshing drinks for adults and children. Ingredients were simple, tastes unforgettable: everyone who tried her drinks was enthusiastic. So, the family decided to begin a small homemade production, in order to let others enjoy that genuine flavor.
The company prospered for some years gaining favor with customers; then the founder, becoming elderly, decided to close the business.
The story of that special experience, together with the memory of grandma and her recipes, has encouraged one of the grandsons to revive the project maintaining that same, old family spirit.
Macario joined Holdim group in 2015. The brand has a new lease on life, and yet its tradition and mission remain unchanged: to quench thirsts with style, offering drinks characterized by simple and authentic tastes.
As grandma Vittoria used to do, in the 50s, at the Macario’s home.

Five reasons for choosing Macario

Retrò outside, modern inside
Our beverages are produced with
avant-garde procedures and equipment,
in compliance with food safety standards
Always fashionable
The eight pin-ups wink at a wellidentified collective imagination: a postcard from the past that will never fade.
Traditional simplicity
For Macario, being retrò means to reintroduce the excellence of evergreen tastes. Fresh and authentic, just as you would imagine them.
A chic smile for all budgets
The seven Macario retrò drinks add value to your offer by giving it an exclusive touch: the cherry on top for your customers.
Different ways of drinking
The 275ml bottle allows flexibility of use: from the straight satisfying experience to mixing it in cocktails and long drinks.

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